FNB Temporary Loan where to apply and documents needed

FNB Temporary Loan is like the personal loan and is so simple to apply you can apply at any FNB ATM, internet banking, by using your cellphone or by visiting the branch but it is quick if you are the FNB customer and you need to be earning at least R3 000 per month to qualify depends on your credit profile.

Ways to apply

FNB Temporary Loan offers a lot of various ways to choose from you can apply at any ATM, by internet banking, using cellphone and by visiting the branch, all that is needed when applying you need to have the smart or cheque account from FNB.

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What does the FNB Temporary Loan offer

FNB Temporary Loan offers loans in emergency times it is quickly approved if you qualify, quick and simple way to apply at the ATM’s, you pay no interest rates and easy repayment periods is within 31 days FNB Temporary Loan is an ideal loan for you in emergency times.

Contact details

Call:0861 276 937 or Website:www.fnb.co.za

FNB  ATM Temporaly Loan

FNB ATM Temporary Loan

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