Mfin Cash Loan

Mfin Cash Loan is the most quick and easy loan that requires just a little but it fulfills hopes and dreams to apply you can apply at any selected Shoprite/Checkers store just with your South African ID, and they offer loans of up to R7 500 with easy repayment and it is fast and quick.

How to apply

To apply for an Mfin Cash Loan is easy you just need to have your South African ID and go to any Mfin kiosk at Shoprite/Checkers store and after applying, you will get a call from Mfin to confirm your application of the loan.


To apply for Mfin Cash Loan you need to have the employer number and employee number with you, have South African ID, be permanently employed and have a valid bank account that works then you can then apply for an Mfin Cash Loan.

What does the Mfin Cash Loan offer

The Mfin Cash Loan offers an easy and fast way of people to be loaned, and it offers loans of up to R7 500 with low interest rates and easy repayment and their service are fast and quick and easy to apply.

Contact details

Call: 0861 346 346 or

Mfin cash Loan

Mfin cash Loan

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