How to download your statement with capitec bank app

With the Capitec Bank app you can do a lot such as viewing account balances, view transaction history, do transfers between your accounts, do multi loan withdrawals, pay people and accounts, add recurring payments, add recurring stop orders, add recurring transfers, add future dated payments, add future dated stop orders, add future dated transfers and send your self your bank statement.

Steps on how to send the statement

The days of going to the bank when you want a bank statement are over when you are banking with Capitec Bank. All you have to have is a Capitec Bank app, if you dont have it you can download it on the app store. Visit the branch for initial setup of the app.

If you already have the Capitec Bank app open the app and tap save the log in using your username and password, you will then view your saving accounts, tap on the account and then you will see savings options select Email Statement then select between 30 days or 90 days, you can even select your preferred date then enter the email address to email the statement to and tap send.

With in seconds the statement will be in the email address inbox.

Capitec Bank Contact Details

Tell: 0860 10 20 43



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